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Music Matters – October 2014

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Damien Johnson

Hello Deniliquin!

It is with great pleasure that I have taken up the position of Director of South West Music, on secondment for six months from Wagga Wagga’s Regional Conservatoriums. I am very excited to be part of not one, but two Regional Conservatorium that deliver quality music education to hundreds of students via some gifted teachers whom we have at our disposal.

mm octFurther to our regular face-to-face lessons , we also have access to world-class video conferencing technology, which now opens up a whole new range of teachers and instruments. I am very passionate about this technology, as it really “catches us up” to our city counterparts, who usually have access to a wider range of teachers and instruments. Videoconferencing Technology is the future for regional Conservatoriums and other educational facilities in the “bush”, especially as the speed of the technology improves. I have extensive teaching experience using this format for 10 years and have seen a rapid improvement in the picture quality, sound quality, and lag times. In fact, Deniliquin was the first town that I taught into, with the equivalent as what black and white TV is to colour TV nowadays. With four students on the books in those days, we struggled through poor internet quality, pixelated images and the regular ‘freezes’ as the connection would drop out.  I would be talking happily away, blissfully unaware that the other end was not there anymore!

Those days are well and truly behind us now.  VC (VideoConferencing) lessons represent a substantial part of my studio, and provides coverage to geographic areas not previously having access to a cello teacher. The quality of the picture is like being “right there with the teacher”, with both parties having access to camera zoom and pan functions. This can actually focus the student’s attention to a particular hand or technique, as there is nothing else to look at!

I highly recommend calling or coming in to see us at South West Music (behind the Caltex on Hardinge St) and testing us with an enquiry for an instrument that you or your child would like to play.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Playing!

Damien Johnson