We would love to welcome you to study at South West Music Regional Conservatorium!

You can begin studying with us at any time during the year, at your school or at the Conservatorium building in Hardinge Street, Deniliquin.

When you contact us to enrol, we will chat to you to work out the best time, teacher and location for you to study. Students are allocated according to the type of teaching that will suit them best and on teacher availability.  Private lessons are scheduled weekly throughout the school term. Please read the full Terms and Conditions of enrolment below.

To find out about studying with us, please call (03) 5881 4736 or fill in the enquiry form

Terms for 2017

We generally teach 10 lessons per term.

TERM 1   6th February       to   7th April

TERM 2   26th April            to   30th June

TERM 3   18th July              to    22nd September

TERM 4   9th October      to    15th December


Individual Tuition 
Tuition costs are $32 per half hour individual lesson.

Ensemble work or participation in a band is an addition to the individual tuition. Every member of the ensemble must pay the full term’s fees in advance before the ensemble/band program can commence. All fees need to be paid prior to the commencement of lessons.

South West Music accepts cheques, money orders, EFTPOS, credit card or direct debit.

If you are having difficulty in paying, arrangements may be considered for a payment plan, and there are also limited bursaries available. Please discuss with the Director.



  1. Fees are payable in advance of lesson commencement.
  2. An enrolment form must be completed, signed and submitted to the Administration Officer for individual lessons, group lessons and ensembles. Only one form per student required.
  3. An invoice will be issued once the enrolment form has been submitted to the Administration Officer.
  4. All invoices have a 14 day settlement period.
  5. Lessons may only commence after a valid enrolment form has been completed and all accounts have been settled.
  6. Where an account is unpaid the student’s position may be forfeited.
  7. The Administration Officer reserves the right to arrange payment plans for individual tuition, where specific financial circumstances preclude strict adherence to the account payment policy.
  8. Enrolment is required for a minimum of one term.
  9. Lesson enrolment details may only change if the parent/guardian or student over 18 years of age contacts the Administration Officer.
  10. An administration fee is charged each term. This fee is only charged once to each family each term.
  11. Students are only eligible for a makeup lesson when the teacher does not attend the lesson. Unless you pay the invoice for a standard term, your child’s spot in a studio is not guaranteed, and may be forfeited.
  12. Make up lessons must be completed by the commencement of next term.
  13. A make up lesson will be forfeited where the opportunity to have a make up lesson is declined by the student on two separate occasions.
  14. The student will be given a credit for the tuition component when the teacher has missed a lesson and no make up lesson can be reasonably provided.
  15. Credits will be included on the invoice for the following term.
  16. When a parent/guardian/student decides to cease lessons, two weeks notice must be provided to the Administration Officer.
  17. If a student withdraws from lessons during a term with the appropriate notice, a refund will be given for lessons not received.
  18. Each student enrolment continues from term to term and therefore three weeks notice to cancel lessons is required, otherwise it is assumed that lessons are continuing and fees cannot be refunded.
  19. The Director reserves the right to discontinue/reassign any groups with insufficient enrolments at any time.
  20. A refund will be provided if the Director discontinues an ensemble or group lesson.
  21. If lessons are booked, agreement to these Terms and Conditions is implied. The use of South West Music Regional Conservatorium’s services implies agreement to all South West Music policies.