Music Matters: August 2013

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South West Music is a member of the New South Wales Association of Regional Conservatoriums. There are currently 18 community music schools or centres that are members of this Association. You will find conservatoriums in small towns like ours and in larger population centres such as Wollongong and Central Coast.
Most conservatoriums, like ours, started small and were set up by a few devoted community members who were passionate about music. Having a strong network has been instrumental in securing our triennial funding from the Department of Education and Communities as well as creating a professional pathway for local musicians to live and work in a regional area. The Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums has become a unique and highly effective network of organisations, focused on providing high quality music education for their region and contributing to the musical life of their communities.
On a completely different note, congratulations to all of our students who performed at the Deniliquin High School Variety Night last week.
Cheryl Fuller – Acting Director

South West Music Regional Conservatorium Thursday 22nd August at 7pm at the SWM Offi ce, 365 George St. SWM Association Members have been notified of the AGM by mail. Please note that there are proposed amendments to the Constitution. Copies of the proposed amendments are available from the SWM office during opening hours. Association Members have voting rights at the AGM.
Interested members of the public are welcome to attend. In a recent recruitment drive to fi ll 3 casual vacancies, the Board was thrilled to appoint Mary Armstrong, Francie Cullenward and Jane Harris as members of the Committee. Other members currently include Helen Burnham, Anne McAtamney, Geoff Mann and Jane Glowrey. Andrew Howley is the Council representative. All current positions will be up for election at the AGM.

Dominic Rogers Dominic Rogers loves his Cornet lessons with Richard Sievers. Dominic is 8 years old and in Year 2 at St Michael’s. He has been learning the Cornet for a year now. He chose this instrument because his mum played and they had a Cornet at home. With his older brother and sister, playing guitar he decided to do something different. Dominic has performed in 2 concerts and he did some busking during the Blues and
Roots Festival, earning $60! Dominic practices hard and he is keen to join the Deniliquin Town Band in the future. Like many of our students, Dominic thrives on the balance between learning an instrument and playing sport. Dominic enjoys swimming, basketball, soccer and shot put.

17th August “Sousaphonics” Chippenham Park, Dahwilly Lane 2pm Sousaphonics is a brilliant ensemble, which includes brass, woodwind, percussion and voice, drawing on Calypso, Brazilian Samba, New Orleans Jazz, Swing and Bebop. Chippenham Park is a private venue
and bookings are essential. You will be provided with all the information you need regarding directions and housekeeping matters when you
make your booking. Refreshments will be on sale and the proceeds will go to Multiple Sclerosis Research. No food or drink is to be brought to
the venue. Chairs will be provided and there will be reserved seating for subscribers. Tickets are available from SWM and Peppin Heritage Centre.
In the event of rain, the concert will be held at the Multi-Arts Centre.

Teranga – African Band
Claim the date: 18th October at Moulamein and 19th October at Waring Gardens, Deniliquin

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