Newsletter: Term1 2014

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Dear Parents, Guardians & Students,

I am delighted to be able to announce that the Board of Management of South West Music Regional Conservatorium has secured new premises. Neville Purtill and his team are busy refurbishing the space at the rear of the Caltex Service Station in Hardinge Street and we hope that the building will be ready for us in Term 2.

This building will provide us with the space we need to run all of our programs under one roof plus room for growth. We will have a large band room, a large performance space, which will house the grand piano, 4 studios and a large administration area.

The Board has been working on securing new premises for 3 years now and they have explored a huge number of options in that time. The main challenge has been to find premises, which we could afford. Many of the buildings we have inspected had huge potential and were well located in the CBD; however, landlords (in many cases Government Departments) were demanding market rent, which we were unable to afford with our budget constraints. Understandably, many also required a long-term lease. We are limited to signing a 3 (x3x3) year lease because we operate on triennial funding.

Neville Purtill has agreed to make the changes to the building, which we have suggested and he has indicated that he will do everything he can to resolve any issues, which may arise down the track. We have a very cooperative and philanthropic landlord in Neville.

The main issues we have addressed with the Hardinge Street building are safe vehicle and pedestrian access and noise spill between rooms.

South West Music traffic will be directed to enter from the driveway at the car wash end of the Caltex building and park out the back. The main entry for the Conservatorium will be at the back. Some of our students walk from the High School and they will be directed to walk along the northern side of the building to access the entry at the rear of the building.

There will always be some noise spill between rooms. We hope to minimise that with the installation of insulation between walls and in the ceiling.

Of course it is not the “prettiest” of buildings. The Board of Management plans to secure funding to commission artworks to beautify the building both inside and outside. We are hoping that our students and local artists will offer suggestions in this area also.

There will be no interruption to our Term 1 program. All Term 1 lessons will continue at our current premises in George Street.

Change is always challenging but we do hope that we have your support and cooperation. Securing new premises on a 3x3x3 year lease will provide our organisation with the security it needs and will allow us to focus our attention on our core business.

We look forward to the time when you are able to view the building. The Board of Management is planning an Open Day once we have moved in. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Thank you to the many families who have completed the 2014 enrolment. The due date was Friday, 24th January. Please contact the office immediately if you need help. We need to confirm our teaching rosters as soon as possible. If you are a re-enrolling student and you have not already completed your enrolment, you may find that your lesson time will change for this year.

I am currently working on our Scholarships and Bursaries program and policy. We hope to have this in place by Term 2. Scholarships will be awarded on merit and Bursaries will be given based on financial need.

The Board of Management has asked me to pass on information regarding the Edward River Country Education Fund. This Fund provides financial assistance to school leavers and students up to 21 years of age. Applications close on February 3, 2014 and application forms can be downloaded from or collected from the Conargo Shire office in End Street.

A number of you are receiving our Facebook posts and I hope you are finding the information useful. I would encourage everyone to “Like” our Facebook page so that you receive reminders and updates about our concerts and programs. I can assure you will not be pestered frequently. It would be great if you considered also encouraging your child to “Like” us so that they receive these posts directly also.

Looking forward to another great year of music making.
Cheryl Fuller
Acting Director

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