Special Music Programs

Young Musicians Club

Do you love singing and dancing 
and having fun with music?
Well, come and have fun, playing with Delena at;

Music is an important part of every culture and is a shared activity. Students are offered individual lessons and are also encouraged to participate in group lessons, ensemble or band lessons and rehearsals.

At Young Musicians Club we will…
Have lots of fun!
Discover about and play with our voices!
Sing songs of many kinds from all over the world.
Learn about beat, rhythm and all sorts of musical concepts.
Play lots of musical games!
Listen, concentrate and work as a team.
Prepare for performances.
Do folk dances and create our own movements to music.
Laugh a lot!

Ages 5 – 8
Thursday – 4.00pm til 4.50pm

Ages 9 – 13
Thursday – 5.00pm til 5.50pm

COST: $90 per term
(around $10 per lesson!)

For more information please call
the Administration Officer on 5881 4736

Young Musicians Club

Young Musicians Club