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River Rock Band Program

We have just launched a new pilot band program starting term 3, 2022 and running till the end of the school year, and we would love students to sign up to be part of it!

SWM River Rock Band offers a musical extension and an enrichment activity to committed and talented musicians who want to meet like-minded students and write, create, rehearse and play music to their best ability.

SWM River Rock Band will run weekly during the term, will be delivered by a teaching team from South West Music with guest artists who are leading creatives in the Australian music industry. This new program is designed to build a band, to teach:

· Songwriting

· Sound Technology and Recording a Demo

· Rehearsing and Performing

· Solo and Group Techniques

· What: River Rock Band Program

· Who: Pilot Program is eligible for Yr 4-12 school students

· Where: South West Music Regional Conservatorium 241-245 Cressy Street Deniliquin

· When: During the term on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and occasional Fridays

· Cost: $250 semester 2 (covers T3 and T4 program). The usual cost is $350 per semester. SWM RC is subsidizing this program to make it more affordable for students. * SWM RC accepts NSW Creative Kids Vouchers and NSW Parenting Vouchers which, if put together, would cover the cost of this program.


· Primary (7-11 years of age)

· High School (12-18 years of age)

· Emerging Musician (18-21 years of age)


· The program will coordinate and run Primary and High School Bands and nurture young musicians in our region. The fee includes all tuition, coaching, and band performances for the

duration of the program. The courses are held at SWM in Deniliquin during the term.

· The program allows each student to form and rehearse in a band and work towards future performances by connecting with professional faculty, mentors, leaders, songwriters, producers, artists, and peers.

· For emerging young musicians, the program is an opportunity to be taught, mentored, and trained by leading industry musicians, sound engineers and music producers in the region.

· For songwriters, the opportunity to write originals, and rehearse and perform this in a band is pivotal to discovering their unique voice and creative practice.

· For performers, an opportunity to perform in front of industry leaders, peers, family, and local audience is critical for learning stage craft and performance skills.


· Genre: Contemporary music - rock, pop, country, heavy metal, experimental, original.

· Find Your Bandmates

· Find Your Sound

· Rehearsal Tips and Tricks

· Learn How to Jam and Improvise from charts

· Learn How to Play Covers

· Start to Write Your Songs

· Branding and Marketing a Band

· Sharing the work: Write a “Band Agreement”

· Record a Demo: real professional studio experience

· Develop Your Brand, Look and Marketing Collateral

· Getting Booked: Look for gigs, Spread the Word

· Performance Skills and Stage Craft


Q: Does my child have to already be in a band to join in?

A: No, the teaching team at SWM can add your child to a band and match them with age-appropriate students with similar musical abilities.

Q: Does my child need to be taking lessons at South West Music?

A: No, they can join the program if they have some basic level of musical training. They do not need to be current students.

Q: When and where is the band program scheduled?

A: During the school term at South West Music Regional Conservatorium 241-245 Cressy Street Deniliquin on a:

- Monday from 5:30pm

- Wednesday from 6:30pm

- School Holiday Workshops

- Guest artist and band mentoring sessions to be announced

- Music business talks and break-out sessions to be announced

Q: What will they learn?

A: How to build a band 101 through 12 sequential learning modules such as solo and ensemble band techniques, how to rehearse, jam, improvise, write songs, record, work in different musical styles, perform, produce and market your band.

Q: Who will be teaching the program?

A: SWM cohort of teachers in guitar, drums, and voice augmented by special guests who are leading music industry professionals supervised by Head of Music.

Q: What happens if a student can't make a band session?

A: Enrolling means there is an expectation that students will remain committed members of the band program. Students act as representatives of SWM RC in this regional music extension program.

Enquiries: South West Regional Conservatorium 241 Cressy Street Deniliquin NSW

Email: Phone: 03 5881 4736


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