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Childrens Concert

On Thursday 6 April, the South West Music Regional Conservatorium welcomed over 100 young community members from Gulpa Preschool, Deniliquin Childcare Centre and Intereach. They were treated to a fabulous, fun and entertaining concert...

Part Of The Deni Fest

Thursday 6 April

Performing - Jemma Armstrong

  • Jemma is the voice behind Hootabelle on ABC Kids

  • Specialises in music & movement workshops for 0-5


Performing - Damian Peck

  • ABC Kids Listen presenter

  • Specialises in childrens performances

Some feedback from the event...

“William loved it and didn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day. We would love to have more concerts like this organised”

“I liked how the concert was very interactive and the children weren’t expected to just sit and listen. Everything was very well organised and we appreciated the eggs, a special Easter treat!"

"Georgia liked the Easter Bunny song with the ‘floppy ears'. Georgia was also very excited that we sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as we were talking about and singing it on the way “They must have heard me saying I hope we sing twinkle twinkle, cause we did!”"

"Ruby liked the monkey song and thought the banana dress up was funny!

Catherine liked when we danced and clapped hands.

Royce enjoyed dancing, stomping and moving about to the music”

***Audience photos to be added once approved by education centres***


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