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FREE Songwriting Workshop: Friday 16th September, 2022

Songwriting Workshop: Friday 16th September 3:30-5:30pm

Facilitator: Zech Walters River Rock Band Program Leader singer-song-writer guitar teacher producer

Venue: SWM Concert Hall Cressy St Deniliquin

Cost: FREE!

Learn how to start, write and finish a song in 2 hours!

Our NEW Songwriters Workshop is designed to bring young talented musicians together to start learning how to write a song either as a team or on your own with support from our band program leader. It is a chance to learn new skills, collaborate, and start or develop your songwriting skills and to broaden your horizons in the music industry.

During the workshop you will explore different approaches and ideas. Our Head of Music, Louise King, will be on hand to facilitate group discussion and self-reflection practices. At the end of the session, all musicians have the option to share their work and celebrate their musical explorations and collaborative achievements.

Check out the video taken to show you our new highschool band that just started. This was their first session & first time playing together. They wrote a song in only an hour guided by our newest member of the teaching team Zech Walters... some serious talent!


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