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Larissa Burak In Concert...

Part of the Live Music Concert Series presented by the South West Music Regional Conservatorium

Larissa Burak Live In Concert @ South West Music Regional Conservatorium

Saturday 2 March 2024, 6:00pm

South West Music Regional Conservatorium

South West Music Regional Conservatorium first concert for the year was Larissa Burak live in concert. Larissa has an exceptional soprano voice, combined with the gentle sounds of the traditional Ukrainian national instrument the bandura (similar to a lute). Larissa has thrilled and captivated our audience. Through song & music, Larissa brought the spirit of a nation to the people of Deniliquin through the traditional folk music of Ukraine.

Larissa came to us from the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in Wagga Wagga where she is a vocal teacher & choir director. Larissa is a qualified concert performer, soloist soprano, music lecturer and choir conductor. Larissa's area of expertise is singing (classical, music theatre, contemporary) and bandura (Ukrainian harp).

As part of Larissa's visit to Deniliquin she also did a beautiful mini concert for the residents at Orana. And a workshop for our loyal friends of the Conservatorium giving them the opportunity to learn about the bandura instrument and about Larissa.


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