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St Josephs Parish School Hillston - River Song Choir Project

Due to the current flooding conditions, St Joseph's Parish School from Hillston were sadly unable to attend our River Song Choir Project on Saturday 19 November. As we didnt get to hear them singing on the night, they prepared a very special video for us to watch. Singing "Electricity" from Billy Elliot.

St Josephs Parish School have been taking part in our River Song Choir Project via zoom and did an intensive workshop at the school which was lead by our Head of Music Paul Young.

This video was meant to be played at the River Song event held at the Baptist Church in Deniliquin, unfortunately the power went out across the area just as our event began. The choirs in attendance all sang, just in the dark!

I think we can all agree the St Josephs Parish School in Hillston are very talented group of students. Click the link below to watch the choir perform.


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