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Staff Announcement... Paul Young

STAFF ANNOUNCEMENT: Paul Young has resigned as Head of Music at the South West Music Regional Conservatorium. Paul will conclude his contract with the Conservatorium at the end of this term. We would like to congratulate and thank Paul for his hard work and dedication during his tenure at the Conservatorium. During Paul’s time at the Conservatorium he has achieved a substantial amount. Paul has implemented a successful contemporary vocal ensemble, Improv Ensemble, Glee Club school programs, woodwinds and string programs, holidays programs and multiple student recitals. Paul has worked closely with students to launch the band Anagram Riot. Paul is an extremely talented pianist who has done multiple performances and accompanied our talented students at numerous events. Paul has accepted an exciting position as the Director of the Macquarie Conservatorium based in Dubbo. We wish Paul the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Conservatorium staff will be in contact with Paul's students in the near future to make arrangements for 2024. The remainder of the term will continue as planned.


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