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Tyakuwala - To feast, to celebrate (Wamba Wamba)

Request for Expressions of Interest from individuals and community groups in the Edward River Council local government area

Edward River Council is seeking expressions of interest from the Edward River communities interested in sharing their culture as part of the upcoming Cultural Festival.

This festival is being held within the homelands of the Wamba Wamba/Perrepa Perrepa Peoples and recognises the unique and diverse cultures within the Edward River Council community in and around the Kolety (Edward River).

The Wamba Wamba/Perrepa Perrepa people and Edward River Council invite people of all cultures to celebrate with them the diversity of each of our cultures within our community.

Who is it for? Edward River individuals and community groups interested in sharing their cultural and traditions.

What is the opportunity? To celebrate the cultural diversity and unity of the Edward River region in the Waring gardens on 14th and 15th of January 2023.

What work is involved? You will be asked to donate your time and creativity to share your culture in the form of food, art, crafts, traditional dress, music, and dance. There may be subsidies and assistance available for activities and stallholders. To discuss your eligibility, contact Carlee from Edward River Council (details below).

Some ideas to consider: We are looking for arts, crafts, music, dance, food, language, and stories to share the rich diversity of this region. We have marquees to fill, and we would love to hear your ideas such as:

· Henna painting, face painting, traditional dress, art, crafts such as weaving

· African drumming, Māori haka, singing, dancing, performances and/or workshops

· ‘Language lounge’: teach basic words and conversation, or learn from others

· Cooking lessons and/or demonstrations; Traditional Food stalls

Register your interest: For more information or to register your interest in participating as a stallholder, contact Carlee Rundell-Gordon, Community Project Officer, Edward River Council, on 0435 737 146 or email

Alternatively, join us for a morning tea in the Waring Gardens (opposite ‘Rivers’) at 10am on Sunday, 16th October to brainstorm some ideas! RSVP: Carlee Rundell-Gordon 0435 737 146.


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